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Indemnity clause

The User who publishes his / her own reviews on the professionalism, speed and reliability of the e-commerce from which he / she purchased, agrees to indemnify and hold on to World Advisor Srls, its collaborators, agents and employees from any obligation to compensate third parties deriving from or in any way connected to the use of the "eShoppingAdvisor" service by the same user, including any liability or legal fees arising from any claim for compensation, loss, damage (direct or indirect), lawsuit, judgment, trial and legal advice, any type and nature. In this event World Advisor S.r.l.s. will provide to communicate in writing to the user such claim for compensation, lawsuit or legal action.

The User also declares that the reviews he will publish on will be the result of his personal purchasing experience, and he is aware of the fact that eShoppingAdvisor aims to guarantee the authenticity of the published reviews and that the false reviews are forbidden and violate specific legal regulations in different jurisdictions.

Any review that contains insults, epithets, or any words and / or phrases deemed to be unquestionable by the administrators of unsuitable, inconvenient, morally unacceptable, discriminatory eShoppingAdvisor in any form or detrimental to the eShoppingAdvisor image will not be published or will be deleted as soon as possible .

In addition to advanced control and filter systems on the site, the eShoppingAdvisor staff will periodically check the inserted reviews.ensation, lawsuit or proceedings.