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ultimo_aggiornamento: 01/03/2019
4.8 Excellent
  • Site clarity
  • Product/Service rating
  • Payment service
  • Delivery/return
  • Customer service
  • Would you recommend it to someone

valutato 4.8 stelle_in_media 1 recensioni Reviews (1)

Nubiliano 5 reviews

Ho acquistato piĆ¹ volte presso di loro, tutto OK 1 March 2019

4.8 Excellent
Piante in buone condizioni, imballaggio perfetto, prezzi normali. Da consigliare
  • 5.0 Site clarity
  • 5.0 Product/Service rating
  • 5.0 Payment service
  • 5.0 Delivery/return
  • 4.0 Customer service
  • 5.0 Would you recommend it to someone

4.4 Very good
Ultima recensione 2 September 2019
4.5 Very good
Ultima recensione 1 March 2019 is your online store?







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