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Guidelines is a portal specialised in managing reviews of e-commerce sites and businesses in general selling products and services online (hereinafter “e-shops” ). and the sites associated therewith (such as are directed at all online e-shops actively selling any product and/or service, and at all their actual or potential customers.

Restrictions for e-shops
The registration is NOT allowed on eShoppingAdvisor of e-shops falling under specific categories, and in particular e-shops:
- selling pornography or products and services prohibited to minors under the age of 18;
- selling weapons of any type;
- which do not comply with the legislation and regulations in their reference countries (e.g. gambling sites in Italy not operating with an ADM concession granted by the
Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency);
- of any other type not provided but conflicting with the spirit of eShoppingAdvisor or which
are considered to be offensive in some manner.

Restrictions for reviews
- No reviews containing insults, nicknames or any word and/or phrase deemed at the unquestionable judgement of the administrators of eShoppingAdvisor to be unfit,
improper, morally unacceptable, discriminatory in any way or damaging to the image of eShoppingAdvisor will be published and the review(s) in question will be eliminated as quickly as possible.
In addition to the site’s monitoring and filter systems, eShoppingAdvisor staff will periodically check the reviews entered.