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We help people to buy online safely thanks to reviews from other consumers.
We help online stores to grow and improve their positioning thanks to the opinions of their customers

Our story

It was 2013 when Andrea realized after several years, his dream: to buy a sailboat!
Here is the first problem: many materials to buy and the need to save money. The searched materials are proposed, even at attractive prices, by a myriad of online shops never heard before, each one specialized on a specific product.
Andrea searches online for opinions on various shops but hardly ever finds useful comments, losing a lot of time in research and risking therefore to make wrong purchases .... at some point an idea, clear as the sun: "it would take a TripAdvisor of purchases online! " Being a frequent user of the owl portal, the parallel is fast: you need an independent portal that directly compares e-commerce and related consumer shopping experiences!
In August 2015 he talks about it with an entrepreneur friend, also named Andrea, who is impressed by the idea and together the new adventure starts!
In 2016 the team is set up in January ...
... and in April the innovative startup World Advisor Srl is set up to manage the platform
In July 2017 the final version of eShoppingAdvisor is launched
eShoppingAdvisor Consumer

We believe in a future in which every eshop will have
on our website our badge with the general rating
eShoppingAdvisor in order to give an image credible
and authoritative on the reference market.

Our mission?
Consumers more aware and
digital market growth tools!

Our Team

Andrea Carboni
Co-founder & CEO
Andrea Ghiani
Co-founder & Chairman